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Back from St. Lucia

At LeSport, a Sunswept Resort in St. Lucia.  (We stayed at Cotton Bay most of the time, however)

No bikini shots here!  Because I'm classy now.  Also, someone's gained a little weight, which I think could perhaps stem from a diet mainly consisting of french fries and Milky Ways, while continuing to live in the deep denial that confuses "paying for a gym membership while remaining more or less unclear as to said gym's location" as "exercise."  (No, seriously.  Once I actually tried to go there - 2nd time since LAST AUGUST, and after walking around for a while, I couldn't find it, so I gave up and got a mid-afternoon sugar snack at Whole Foods instead).  Other activities rounding out my daily physical fitness routine: "trudging to corner deli for the purpose of purchasing very large, very moist, very chocolate chip cookies" and "getting out of bed."  Sigh.

At Rendezvous, another St. Lucian resort, although one I wouldn't recommend, due to their incredibly offensive and backward stance on gay couples (they won't let them stay there).  Bizarre.

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