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Girl Politics on Fox

On FoxNews' Fox&Friends this fine Saturday morning, talking politics - GIRL POLITICS, BITCHES!  Specifically, explaining the key "cool" voting bloc of 2008 - dubbed "Single Anxious Females" (first mentioned in a New York magazine article a few weeks ago).

Unmarried women make up 25% of the voting public, and this particular demographic will supposedly replace the proverbial "soccer moms" of the Clinton years and the "NASCAR dads" of the Bush era.  More "King of the Hill" than "Sex and the City," Single Anxious Females aren't a sure shot for either Dems or the GOP (oo! possible swingers!  exciting!) although Hillary has been courting them hard-core.  They're described as young (18-44), not affluent (most make under 30k), uneducated (14% have college degrees), with a predilection for moving frequently, country music (ew) and heavy tv watchage - 4.22 hours a day (WTF!!  Who has that much time!? and yes, I realize "watchage" isn't a word.  It should be, though.)

In any case, these fems are PISSED about the "direction" of the country ("I said LEFT!  GO LEFT you asshole!") and they want change, damnit!  But mostly they just want "equal pay" and "affordable health care," which I take to mean "a living wage" (the nerve!) and "craploads of cheap birth control."  Then again, with all that tv watching, who has time to have sex/go shopping??

Hmm ... and therein lies the insidious sexism of talking gendered politics.  Even the given adjective for this new demo - "Anxious" - strikes me as questionable.  Would we ever describe men who were concerned or angry about the state of political affairs as "anxious"?  Um, no.

Then again, maybe I'm being the pretentious PC police here, which is sort of distasteful in and of itself.  After all, a Hillary advisor coined that particular term - the writer of the NY mag piece wanted to call them Single Hungry Females.  Nothing like including the anorexics for once!  (Perhaps Nicole Richie could be the spokesgirl).

That said, "hungry" isn't terribly inaccurate, even if it's easily misconstrued to be slightly beside the political point.  (I'm guessing the writer meant "Hungry for change" but I can't help but read it as "Hungry for cookies."  Mmm.  Cookies. )  I suppose it's better than Single Dieting Females, although that's really redundant.  Except, um ...  Did I mention I had Mac & Cheese for dinner, chased by a Milky Way and a 500 calorie espresso chocolate-chip cookie?  Ugh.  Single Binging Females is more like it.

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