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Above, with FoxNews' Jill Dobson, who is, suffice it to say, a really tough act to follow

Big, exciting news!!  As of today, I am the brand new editor-at-large for Star magazine, handling their television appearances.  NY Post media columnist Keith Kelly broke the story this morning in his column (last item).  I'll be replacing the stunning, kind (she's from the midwest, it's practically required) and unnervingly-articulate-about- everything-at-6am Jill Dobson, who is now an entertainment reporter for FoxNews.

I'm beyond ecstatic, obviously!  This just goes to show that life has a tendency to come round full circle - I once wrote a column about my new boss, Bonnie Fuller, explaining her approach to life (Bigger! Faster! Fuller!  Get it? Har).  Now I too plan to crusade against organized sock drawers.  Clearly this is the perfect job.

I would like to thank God Candace Bushnell, my agent, and the self-help aisle at Barnes & Noble.  Without them, I'd be an accountant with a closet of Ann Taylor and a mean Excedrin habit.  Whew!  Three words: Dodged.  Lotsa.  Bullets.

*I will continue to write my column in Time Out New York, which will even (uh, hopefully) one day have a name.

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