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Fourth of July. Woo.

So, yesterday (" 'Merrrica Day" as I like to call it, a la Jon Stewart) while you all were patriot'd up in red, white & blue, hanging out with your 'Merican homies at your 'Merican outdoor bbqs, shotgunning 'Merican beer and shoving enormous quantities of ground up 'Merican hooves & intestines "hotdogs" into your 'Merican mouths, I was ... well, not doing that.

In fact, I watched the east river fireworks while in my pjs, perched on my radiator, through my windows (witness above shot) totally by myself.  Because true patriotism rolls solo.  Pioneer style, bitches!  Also, it was rainy and I was feeling anti-social and unwilling to make small talk.

Honestly, watching through the windows wasn't bad - the show was fairly spectacular (although I would have enjoyed a nice Cowboy Hat firework or two),  and the commute was ideal.  But the entire time I kept thinking "I really need to freaking Windex these."  And so, during the grand finale, that's exactly what I did.

And then I started thinking "This would make a great commercial for Windex."

Which actually seems pretty damn 'Merican thing to think.  Happy 4th of July, Land 'o Commerce and Chemicals!

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