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In SF!

So Meghan and I flew out to San Francisco for last night's Techcrunch party, which I had heard was "harder to get into than Studio 54 in its heyday" (according to Newsweek).  I adore tech guys.  No, not cause they're rich.  Because they can fix my computer.  Duh.


Tech Geek #1: "Rupert Murdoch bought my last company."
Tech Geek #2: "Oh yeah? I co-own a business with Bill Gates.  Since I was EIGHTEEN."

Julia: "Why won't anyone ask for my phone number tonight?  What am I doing wrong?!"
Cute Tech Girl Blogger: "All the ITers out here, they want the girl in the next cubicle!"
Julia: "I AM the girl in the next cubicle!  Except I work from home."

Tech Geek #3: "I'm not going to date anyone who doesn't have a Wikipedia page."

Julia: "But aren't they all 'nice guys' here?"
Cute Tech Girl Blogger: "That's a total misconception. They think just because they're not date raping you they're a nice guy.  Um ... no."

Julia: "Is your social life representative of Silicon Valley?"
Cute Tech Lawyer: "What social life?  I go on bike rides!!"

Nothing says "IT'S TIME TO FUCKING PARTY" like ... uh ... laptops.

After party pizza, thanks to the adorable Mike Arrington.  I'm a big fan of Mike, despite making quite possibly the worst first (and second) impression, ever.  Never underestimate the danger of a video blogger with Final Cut Pro and an inability to detect sarcasm.

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