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Today's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet

Watch today's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet on game playing.  Yes, I own The Rules.  Yes, I'm a fan.  Yes, they're highlighted.  I know,  I know.  You're shocked.  What?  You think I got men with my sartorial brilliance?  Um, no.  (Hmm ... has anyone ever gotten a man with her sartorial brilliance? Perhaps Men's Vogue could enlighten us.)

(**We can have a debate about The Rules when I'm not on deadline for a column, but it pretty much comes down to this for me: they freaking WORK.  Look, it would be lovely to go against basic psychology, and don't think I haven't tried - calling when I want, telling him exactly how I feel, etc etc - alas, my track record with that is like, 0 for 179.  Which is more than enough to convince me.  Although, this is coming from a girl who spent Saturday night watching Bridget Jones' Diary - on TBS!! Dinner & a Movie, for christssake!! - alone in her apartment, reveling in the cliche of it all.  Mmm.)

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