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The Origins of that Infamous(ish) Horse Photo

I just "discovered" (and by discovered I mean someone told me about it) a video uploading/sharing site that 1) doesn't deeply confuse me 2) doesn't assault me visually and 3) will still allow me to squander loads of time I should be spending, uh, reading celebrity magazines.

It's called Vimeo, and visually & style-wise, it is to YouTube as Facebook to MySpace.  Cleaner design, less trash, you don't feel dirty afterwards.  Anyway.  It's my flavor of the month, although I suppose we'll see if it has the staying power to keep my attention (Flickr didn't).

In the meantime, appreciate the precursor video to the infamous(ish) shot above, which I've oh-so-helpfully entitled "Horse, Beach, Bikini," from last December in the Dominican Republic.  Thanks to my cameraman/photographer/ex, who never gets a photo credit for the damn thing.  I'd give him one right here and now, but he's not currently speaking to me.  Sigh.

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