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The (Pretty Significant) Evolution of My Interior Decorating

Since we're talking bachelorette pads, I dug up a few old photos of my past, um, valiant attempts at fixing up my various places of residence.  HA.

Georgetown dorm, junior year

Yes, that's a pink flower border I actually bought and pasted up.  And yes, it was ALWAYS that clean.  I lint-rolled my bed.  Who does that??

Georgetown dorm, senior year

I really liked pink.

I thought hanging a dress on the wall was the ultimate in creativity.  Perhaps this is why Georgetown is not known for churning out innovative artistic minds.  Sigh.

Newport Beach, CA, right after graduation

I lived with my ex-fiance (although he wasn't "ex" at that point).  I call this look "I'll compromise on the pink but we're still having a goddamn teddy bear on the couch, damnit."  Bland.

New York, 23rd & Park, 2005

Could only afford IKEA, and although I lived alone, I was dating an older guy, and he hated pink, so I went for green instead.  In retrospect, who the hell cares what the guy you're dating thinks?  Again, note the bear.

East of Gramercy, now

Highly evolved style, thanks to my ex-boyfriend, who has the design sense of 15 gay men.  He taught me how to take it to the next level ... and introduced me to the color brown, which, prior to him, I was violently against.

The bear stays in the picture.

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