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From the wedding ...

We were all the way up in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere - the weather was perfect - just a little breeze, which kept blowing my cousin Elizabeth's veil in this right-out-of-the-movies-no-seriously-where's-the-film-crew way.  She looked gorgeous.

I teared up when she came walking down with my uncle towards the groom ... I think my dad teared up too.  Then again, he teared up when we watched Father of the Bride when I was 20. (Dad: "Well, Steve Martin makes me cry in all his movies!" followed by laughter)

Lots of deep talks with The Parents (little brother is studying for a major physics test at MIT, so I got them to myself), some about my own future wedding.  Of the many things co-decided: It will be glamorous, probably held in Cathedral Hall at the University Club in Chicago, I will wear my mother's wedding dress (altered to be more poofy.  I like poofy.), and avalanches of cupcakes will be served IMMEDIATELY upon arrival.  I hate having to wait to eat the damn wedding cake - why save the best part for last???  I want my guests on a total sugar buzz when I'm walking down that aisle.  Oh and also?  Grooms are so last year.

With the bride.

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