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Leven and I around midnight tonight, doing a low-key Saturday eve at my apt.

My Day in Numbers
Beet & Carrot Juices Consumed: 2
Cupcakes Scarfed: 3
Errands Run: 14 million
Blocks Walked: 137 (approx)
Girl Friends Hung Out With: 3 (Rachel, Meghan, Leven)
Puppies Bathed: 1

Old Navy flip flops: $3.50
Diane von Furstenberg suit: $856.16
Eye exam, two new sets of hard contacts, overnighting it: $505.00
Knowing I'll have a heart attack when I get my amex bill next month: Priceless

Knowing that I'll then think "I should really return those Old Navy flip flops": Even More Priceless

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