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In Chicago, staying very, very in tonight

There's nothing like going to an animated movie about a small gourmet rat on a Saturday night in the suburbs WITH YOUR PARENTS to calm one down after a long week.  It was so very wholesome.  Aww.  Now we're back, the puppies have been walked, my mom's in bed (uh, it's 10:30 pm, of course she's in bed!) and my dad's reading the Wall St. Journal at the kitchen table across from me. I keep trying to discuss Michael Moore's movie Sicko (which I saw two weeks ago), and the urgent need for universal health care, but he's not having it. He voted for Bush. He hates Michael Moore. Now he's giving me some stupid line about how he doesn't want his taxes increased, and I'm telling him that it's not about spending MORE money, it's about spending it smarter, and maybe, oh, you know, not spending it on killing people! He's saying I have too many opinions, and I'm reminding him that I get paid to have opinions, albeit not really on politics. He's laughing, and heading up to bed (now it's 11 pm) and telling me not to leave the lights on.

Aw, Quality. Family. Time. I could stand to do this more often.

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