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In Denver This Weekend

Flying to Denver for my cousin Elizabeth's wedding in approximately, uh, three hours (at 6 am). Have. Not. Packed. Yet.  Crap?

I don't have a fantastic excuse for this, except that tonight I dropped off Lilly at a friend's apartment in Brooklyn, and spent the evening hanging out there.  Then I decided to take my sweet time getting home on the subway and disembark at Grand St, which isn't remotely close to where I live, just so I could walk for a bit.  It was gorgeous, and I had great music on my pink iPod and no one I had to answer to or "check in with" ... and the incredible novelty of that (8 months after the demise of my last serious relationship, I'm still marveling at the concept of total freedom) meant that all I kept thinking as I saw couples hand-in-hand was "Thank GOD I'm single and I can do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want and I don't have to be on a mind-numbing 'date night' or 'movie night' or 'hang out with his stupid friends night' right now."  I almost floated home, the thought made me so happy.  (Perfect attitude for going to a wedding, right?  hahaha) Insert contented sigh here. 


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