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Lazy(ish) Sunday

Spent the morning with my Grandmother ... and the afternoon debating in the kitchen with my parents about the following topics:

1) Immigration (Dad's against it, Mom thinks everyone who has a job should be able to stay here, I tend to agree with Mom, because I don't see immigrant-citizen employment as a zero-sum game.)

2) Health care (continuation of yesterday's non-debate.  I'm still vehemently in favor of universal health care and my parents are still vehemently skeptical of Michael Moore.)

3) My alleged excess of opinions (My dad doesn't feel I have the right to have them because I "haven't been paying taxes long enough.")

I transcribed part of #3:

Julia: Wait, so why am I not allowed to have opinions again?

Dad: They're irritating, and by the transitive property, you're irritating.

Julia: And that's relevant because ... ??

Dad: Okay, let's be a little more analytical and candid about what is it that irritates me about you so much.  It's not so much the content of your opinions - some of which I actually agree with.

Julia: So why do you want to disagree with me so badly?

Dad: It's the assuredness and certitude and manner in which you say things that immediately drives me nuts.  I think A) who the hell is she and B) she doesn't know this and C) even if she's not wrong, she sounds wrong!  She should be wrong!

This reaction is not new, but I think maybe it's accentuated by the fact that you get paid to be on tv shows in which your whole job is to come up with opinions which are concisely but argumentatively stated - and the more colorfully, and in some instances stridently, you espouse that view, the better for your role.  Comparable to that is that a lot of lawyers get into argumentative habits and then apply that across the board.

Plus you have a loud voice.

Julia: So do you!

Dad: But I'm your father so I get to have a loud voice.

Julia: Are you kidding??

Mom: Who wants a cupcake??

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