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The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet

Today on the always-lively Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, we covered the XX chromes' favorite topic - How to Make Your Man Commit!  My surefire strategies?  Don't sleep with him immediately!  Don't boss him about like he's your coffee fetching intern (who you just so happen to make out with)!  Lull him into a false sense of freedom and autonomy!

Another foolproof plan?  Don't actually WANT him to commit!  That's how I got engaged to my ex-fiance - I didn't really want to get married.  At all.  Works every time!

Brilliant, no?  That's right, ladies, there's a reason they call me a "dexpert" (um, that would be dating-expert).  Well, it's either that or they don't remember my first name.  Hmm.

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