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The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet

Catch me today on Fox's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, discussing Bedroom Blunders.  Like, Oops!  I left my socks on / phone on / pet in the room / called you the wrong name (triple oops) / punched you in the stomach / passed gas / named your body part / fell asleep during sex.  I won't say how many of these bedroom blunders I've committed personally - only that falling asleep during sex may SOUND impossible, but let me assure you, it is not.

As always, with my fantastic segment partner, Matt Titus!  We're at the point where we (unconsciously) coordinate outfits. It's sad.  Bright orange dress by J. Crew, btw.  I can't decide if it's really cool or a bit much. Probably both.

Watch the show!

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