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This Week's Time Out Column: I Heart Geeks

Posing with a real live geek back in Dec.  Photo by Michael Leonard.

So, it's a fairly well-documented fact that I adore nerds/geeks/techboys ... can't. get. enough!

In honor of my recent foray into Silicon Valley, Heart of Geekdom, this week's Time Out column celebrates a Revenge of the Nerds, Dating Style.  Turns out they're not so bad in the romance dept after all!  Who else will help you figure out your iPhone?  And sign you up for Google adsense?  And weigh the merits of Movable Type vs. Typepad?  Not to mention, with Mark Zuckerberg on the cover of Newsweek, could it be any more timely?  (Although, quite honestly, Mark pushes the boundaries of my "dorks can be hot" theory.  He's not there yet.  Or maybe it's that he's a redhead?  Hmm.)

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