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Foxnews' Redeye Last Night

That's my "Ode to the Ghetto Handbook" dance right there.  I feel that such a manual would surely be a runaway bestseller.  I mean, if On Bullshit could sell like 8 billion copies ....

What you should do instead of having sex with your ex.

This is where I said - um, and I'm paraphrasing here - "Maybe more men SHOULD have a negative body image.  Jesus, have you seen the average man's body?  Get yo'self to the GYM, foos'!"  I didn't actually say "foo" but I wish I had.  My thinking on this is that it's really unfair that women feel like crap about their bodies 145% of the time, while men, who have paunches and saddle bags of their own, aren't even acquainted with the CONCEPT of bodily shame.  Of course, I should take my own advice.  The only gym I've seen lately is um ... yeah ... no gym at all.  Although I haven't eaten a chocolate chip cookie in like, three days, which is a personal record.  (It IS Fashion Week next week, after all.  Although I'm seriously contemplating a scoop or four of Baskin Robbins' Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream right now.  Damn them for being one block away!!!)

I think this is one of my favorite screenshots ever.  I don't know what I was reacting to, but in my head, there's a little bubble that says "Oh, no you diiiiiiiin't!" and maybe "I know I TOLD you stay up OFF my MAN, bia!"  or something.  I blame the Ghetto Handbook for these thoughts.