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Behind the Scenes at NY Fashion Week - Tuesday

Fashion Week really starts in earnest tomorrow, but I made it to Carlos Campos' show tonight, along with Leven and the fabulous Gregory Littlely.  Besides Lev, there were really no celebs in attendance (okay, there was some girl who won ANTM, but I didn't recognize her).  No matter, his collection was delicious - like sherbet.  The models weren't so bad, either.

If I were a guy, I'd definitely wear his stuff, although then again, if I were a guy, I'd be a flaming, flamboyant gay.  Also, FYI, that is an American Apparel skirt.  The real designer stuff doesn't come out till tomorrow!!

With my cameraman & video editor for the duration of the week, Eric.  Throughout the evening, everyone kept mistaking him for a model (he's exceptionally tall & thin, and has that sort of model-y look) - so much so, that I made him a bet.  If, by the end of Fashion Week, he hadn't yet been approached by an agent, I would give him a twenty - and set him up with one.  After hearing what the male models make per show, he readily agreed.