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Behind the Scenes at NY Fashion Week - Spring 2008

Shot on August 30 at Time Out New York.
Nanette Lepore suit, Chanel bag, Nine West heels

Above is one of my Fashion Week outfits.  What, like you didn't think I had them all planned out?  Foo. I'm like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless when she looks in her closet and it's all computerized with polaroids and schedules of what she's worn when.  Except my closet isn't actually computerized.  YET.   Anyway, I'm just hoping everyone thinks these shoes are YSL and not Nine West.  I know, I know, wrong crowd to attempt trickery with ... But c'mon, who the hell can afford $650 shoes?!?!  Four words: NOT. EVEN. REMOTELY. ME.

From Sept 5 - 12, I'll be IN THE TRENCHES (wearing trenches?  hmm) covering Fashion Week for Star Magazine.  We'll be posting my SUPER EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES commentary & videos on StarMagazine.com - although I'll put up links here.  PLEASE, people, don't rush to ask me about the latest trends all at once now.  I'm a Style Guru, obviously, but I'm only human (thus the Nine West shoes).  I'll take your questions one by one.

PS - In case you want to keep up on Fashion Week with multiple sources (aside from my own rigorously detailed commentary, of course), I recommend reading The Fug Girls at New York magazine, who are beyond brilliant - they make me cry with their sartorial wit.  It's really sad, actually.  For me.  Also, check out Fashionista, which is a bit Insider-Baseball, but that can be a welcome change from the sweeping generalizations ("Black is in!  Coats are in!!  We like Marc Jacobs!") in many women's magazines.  Not sure about their love for TeenVogue, but hey, no blog's perfect.  Finally, Jezebel will probably have some commentary, too, and it will no doubt be written with that slightly twisted but excessively real approach for which I unconditionally love them.