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Fashion Week Photos!

You may have noticed I haven't posted many photos lately (which is, um, cough, cough, VERY unlike me) ... I just don't have time!  Here's a few from tonight to tide you over until Fashion Week concludes on Tuesday.

9.10.07 - Fashion Week - Nicholai - Julia Allison Courtney Friel.jpg
with the smart, funny, and yeah, gorgeous FoxNews entertainment reporter Courtney Friel, who came with me to Nicholai (toting her best accessory - husband Carter, a reporter for Channel 9!)

with the hysterical and (obviously) fashionable Greg Littlely at the Unruly Heir show

Um, yeah.  I picked out this model to be the father of my children.  I don't know his name, but honestly, is that really relevant?  No, it is not.  LOOK AT HIM.  Are you still breathing?  In heaven, all men will look like this.  Also, they will be brilliant and enjoy discussing categorical imperatives, wearing polo shirts and pastel pants, and dressing up small dogs in outfits.  Except in heaven, they won't be gay.