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Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Saturday

Here's the schedule for today ... I don't remember the last time I was this overwhelmed (if it doesn't look overwhelming, keep in mind that, aside from reporting on the shows themselves on-camera and doing interviews with celebs, designers, stylists, and the subsequent write ups, I have to finish my Time Out column, make the usual tv appearances about entertainment news, oversee the video editing, etc etc).  Normal women, forced to go to multiple runway shows featuring gorgeous skeletons, would stop consuming calories.  Me?  I'm stress-eating like Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock - if I admitted what I've scarfed in the last week, you'd vomit.  Let's just leave it at: I asked Baskin Robbins if I could "start a tab" with them.  Oy.

Catherine Malandrino


Rebecca Taylor