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I'm on Montel Williams tomorrow!!

TOP: Donny Hogan (Anna's half-brother), Peter Nygard (an ex-boyfriend of Anna's), Montel, Don Clark (former head of the Houston Division of FBI)
BOTTOM: Rita Cosby, me

Sidenote #1: I ADORE Rita - not only is she an exemplary journalist and incredibly sweet person, but she was the very first anchor ever to interview me on camera, back on FoxNews in 2003.  I had no idea how to do remote back then, so I sort of shifted my eyes back and forth from side to side instead of looking straight into the camera.  The effect was much like that of a white, preppy, female Ray Charles.

Sidenote #2: Peter Nygard, Anna's ex-boyfriend, asked me out after the show (I accompanied him to the Fashion Rocks concert).  Just think, if we got married (um, not happening), I could say "We met on MONTEL!"  Which I bet is something you don't hear that often.