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this does not bode well ...

It's 11:17 am and I've ALREADY eaten a chocolate chip cookie.  In addition to the egg & cheese on a croissant I devoured at 11:13 am.  I sort of feel like ralphing, actually.  One shouldn't have that kind of food in the morning.  Or ever, really.

Okay, off to write up Star's SCOOPS of the week for FoxNews' stellar gossip show, Lips & Ears, and then to interview an astrologer for a feature I'm doing.  Later today I'll work on next week's Time Out column (on breakups!  surprise, surprise), and then I feel a nap is in order.  Finally, the Opera!

Update: I spoke too soon!  CNN called to do a live-to-tape segment on the sheer fabulousity of George Clooney.  So that, instead of an astrology and a nap, is what I'll be doing this afternoon.  You can check out the clip this evening on Showbiz Tonight, 11 pm.