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This Week's Time Out Column ... Julia's (Dating) Book Club!

Like Oprah's but instead of the power to rocket your book to the NYT Bestseller List, the power to ... uh ... rocket your book to ... uh ... yeah, pretty much no power at all.

Oh well.

Enjoy my recommendations anyway!

As far as those naysayers who don't "believe" in self-help books ...

It is my (not so humble) opinion that no one out there is so experienced, so knowledgeable, so unfailingly together that they couldn’t gain something from the wisdom of another – especially with regard to the fraught relations between men and women and the seemingly inexplicable dance of insanity we call “dating.”  And yet, self-help books on this subject remain in the Rodney Dangerfield position on your bookshelf: shoved at the bottom, shamefully covered by a spine-uncracked “Bonfire of the Vanities” and Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.”

Or worse, you pass by their pink & purple displays at Barnes & Noble, thinking to yourself “Ha!  Only LOSERS read those!”  Say what, Casanova?  Are you the Mary Poppins of relationships - practically perfect in every way?  Have you nothing to learn about the opposite gender?  You understand their every thought and action?  Really?? I think not.

Moreover, can you answer the question “What do men/women want?” without hesitation?  Oh you can?  Maybe you should write a book then.  For the rest of us, why don’t we admit we don’t always know what the hell we’re doing, and we could use a little help.

Everyone, say it along with me.  Hi, my name’s Julia, and I sort of suck at dating.

So!  Now we have that out of the way, go buy the damn books.