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Anticipating Halloween

Halloween 2003 (my senior year).  I was a "Pink Fairy."
Yeah, I don't know what that is, either.  I just really liked the color pink.

I love Halloween.  Love.  It.  If I could alternate Halloween with Prom and occasionally do Christmas and a Birthday every other month, I think my serotonin levels would triple.

In any case, I spent a long time ruminating on what could top my costume from last year (I was, ahem, a "Condom Fairy").  I needed this year's costume to be just as ... uh ... clever.

So, after much thought (and a few suggestions), I've decided to be a Shooting Star.  :)  Although I'm not sure exactly what a "shooting star" looks like, but I know it will involve a silver gun and thigh high boots.

If you have any other suggestions, know of a particularly talented costume designer or where to buy a silver tutu, email me - julia [at] juliaallison.com.

And if you're looking for a costume of your own, I HIGHLY suggest avoiding the insanity of Ricky's and visiting www.PierreSilber.com - I have literally dozens of costumes from them, and they never disappoint.

Oh - one more question, while I'm soliciting your advice.  Lilly the Puppy needs a matching costume.  Should she be a "Child Star"?  Or ... a "Fallen Star"?  Or, um ... a comet??  I'm stuck.

PS.  Jakob is going as a "Fameball." It was my idea.  ha.