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Can't. Make. Decisions.

How hard is it to make a simple decision, on a simple product, like a bed?  ARGHHHHHHH SO FREAKING HARDDDDDD.

I can't decide between the following beds:

A) queen size canopy from Pottery Barn Teen


B) king size canopy from Room & Board (the bed I have now, except I would have to rebuy it, since the ex is keeping the old one?)

The considerations include:
- My mom labels the first choice "a princess bed" which is "going in the wrong direction," and indicates my refusal to grow up (I've had to live in a grown up brown and beige apartment for the last two years!  I want to revert to childhood!!  I want white and pink!)
- I want a king size bed, but A) the first bed doesn't come in a king and B) the room is pretty freaking small for a king
- Is it ridiculous to buy a canopy bed to go in such a small apartment?
- Bed A is $600 less than Bed B.
- Note that the top bed has a footboard, which might close off the small space even more.  But, oh, I love that bed!  I haven't seen it in person, though ...

UPDATE: I've been informed that a canopy bed in such a small space (12 x 14) is insanity.  Okay ... so what about this bed, below?  Although I'm really devastated that my princess fantasy can't come to life.  I don't think I would've picked the apartment if I had thought I couldn't have a canopy bed!  Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds like I'm 7 and I refuse to take off my Disney Cinderella tutu or whatever, but you know what?  I've always wanted to go full out girly and never had a chance.  So I don't see what the problem is.  (Defensive much, right?)