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Google Me Not.

I'm going on a date with a *new* guy on Wednesday, and I practically begged him not to google me.  "It'll be post-post modern!  A REAL blind date!" I insisted, hoping the tiniest bit of desperation didn't creep into my voice.  I just want, for once, the kind of date I used to have ... the kind where I didn't have to spend the evening explaining various humiliating blog posts, and the guy didn't think he needed to bring an NDA ... you know, just in case.  Ah, memories.

Do you think he'll listen??  Are you reading this now, Mister?  You're in trouble if you are!

Ugh, sometimes I think I should just change my name to Julia Goolia and start anew.

PS. In case any of my regular blog readers are confused, I am very much a free agent, as it were.  It's hard to pin me down ;)