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Last Night

Yesterday was one of those dear god, just get me through this days  ... I did shows on three networks (FoxNews, Fox Business, and one that will be broadcast both here and in China!) and two evening events - one book party at the Bloomingdale's in Soho for Imogen Lloyd-Webber (yes, the daughter of Andrew, and yes, she's STUNNING and yes, she went to Cambridge.  Totally unfair combo, of course), and then a brief stop at the Radar party.

Below, a few photos from the Soho book party.

with the lovely and very sweet Imogen Lloyd Webber

These guys all had British accents.  Three of them were single.
Guess which one flirted the hardest?  Hint: not the single one!

with Meghan Asha and Emily Gould
It's in Emily's Gawker contract that she has to roll her eyes in photographs with me.