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Life update, more or less

I haven't been feeling well all day today, just a sore throat and general malaise, a bit of a fever and that same splitting headache from last week (the jackhammers were unrelenting all day, but I wasn't even feeling well enough to leave the house).  So of course Britney would pick today to lose custody of her kids.  She always does this to me.  WHY BRITNEY, WHY!?!?

I'm doing the Morning Show tomorrow, and most likely several spots on either CNN or MSNBC or Fox about Brit Brit.  I'll keep you updated.

Other stuff on my mind ... I'm moving soon, to 53rd and 9th, and I've been having second thoughts about the location - it seems so far away from everything.  I suppose it's all a matter of perspective, but I love the area I live in now (21st and 2nd) - I can walk to the Village in 5 minutes, Soho in 15, across to Chelsea in 10.  I'm moving to be closer to the studios (Fox is at 48th and 6th, CNN is in Time Warner at 59th and 8th and MSNBC will be moving to 30 Rock), but I wonder how smart a decision that is.  I mean, I already have pretty extreme stress-related issues AND quite a bit of trouble separating my work from my personal life.  Is it really smart to move to a place where the primary benefit is being able to get to work faster?  Not to mention that Leven now wants to live with me, and let me tell you, a studio that's 12 x 14 isn't going to hold all our combined shoes, let alone, you know, us.  But I've already submitted an application and put down a deposit ... I just want this settled!