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Quality Family Time, Wedding Edition.

My beautiful cousin Andrea got married on Sunday in Santa Barbara, California, and my entire family was there.  My parents live in Chicago, my brother in Boston, my grandparents in LA, so I don't get to see them together frequently.  I don't feel like that's the way things should be, but I'm not moving to any of those cities anytime soon.  I spent more hours on various airplanes and connecting airports than I did at the actual wedding, but I could have traveled for a week straight and it would have still been worth it.

Anyway, here's a little Wedding Album for those who couldn't make it ;)

My parents (married 29 years) and maternal grandparents (married 67 years!) with my younger brother and me (not even remotely married for any years)

My grandfather walked my cousin Andrea down the aisle (her father had passed away).  It was practically illegal not to tear up.

My mom was a bridesmaid, which she at first thought was ridiculous ("I'm too old to be a bridesmaid!!") but I think she eventually came around.  After all, what idiot decided that there was an age limit to being special to the bride?!  I thought she looked beautiful.

My father looked dapper in his tux - and Andrea and I decided that men should just wear dinner jackets the majority of the time.  You almost can't go wrong.

My brother's adorable girlfriend of FOREVER (they even dated in high school), Allie.  The family loves her.  She's the Mary Poppins of girlfriends - practically perfect in every way.  We keep worrying she's going to realize she can do better and dump him.  hahah

What's a wedding without forcing your brother to dance with you??