September 26, 2007

What I Did Today

Shot outside of FoxNews after taping Lips & Ears (their stellar entertainment/gossip show, hosted by my friend Courtney Friel), I was going to go interview an astrologer for this piece I'm doing for Time Out New York, but I had a splitting headache and honestly, I just wanted a damn veggie burger from Houston's.  So that's what I did.  And I was also supposed to go to Mary Poppins, the musical, tonight, but I bailed, due to the exponential worsening of said splitting headache. (I had to work next to jackhammers all day long.)  I'm getting that "please dear god, get me out of New York" feeling, which I swear, is 98% related to noise pollution.

September 18, 2007

Goodnight ... ish

Sorry to go all LiveJournal on you, but I'm listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket's "I Will Not Take These Things for Granted," which may be cheesy, but it's just what I need after a really tough day week, okay, month.

I just got home from a brief outing to a horrific club on 27th street with Leven - which honestly just goes to show how good a friend I am, because there is LITERALLY nothing I'd rather do less than hang out at a loud club on a Monday night.  Ughhhhhhhhhh.  Lev really wanted to see Mark Ronson perform (and I have to admit I understand the appeal), and I had promised her I would go earlier today, so despite the almost overwhelming amount of work I still have to finish before I sleep, I dragged myself along.  I refused to get dressed up, though - so yes, I wore practically no makeup, hair in a ponytail, jeans and the teeshirt I'd been in all day long.  It was awesome.  It took about four minutes to get ready and I was comfortable the entire time.  (This must be how men feel every day, damn them.)  Although some guy did say, "you look like you're 5."  Which actually sort of made my day.

I was filming Lev with her camcorder.

Some guy asked if I "was a tourist."  Confused (was it the striped shirt??) I wondered, "why?" and he pointed to the camcorder.  So I said, "What tourist films Mark Ronson IN A DARK CLUB on a MONDAY NIGHT?!?"  and he goes, "Good point."  Yeah, so there!

Lev's, uh, pretty psyched about Mark finally deciding to get on stage.  30 minutes late, of course.  Rrrr.

Tomorrow I'm doing Fox's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, then three segments on MSNBC (about Britney), then a meeting over at Vh1, then prepping for FoxNews' Lips & Ears on Wednesday, and making sure my Time Out New York column is all set for this week.  Goodnight ...

August 14, 2007


Long day.  Lilly woke me up for a walk at 5:30 am.  Uh, not so much fun.  That led into a long and now blurry series of interviews and tapings and pep talks (given and received) and strategy sessions and brainstorming of talking points.

Catch me at 11pm on CNN's Showbiz Tonight and tomorrow on Fox's Morning Show with Mike & Juliet.  Also taping a CW11 segment, but I'm not sure when that'll air.  My TIVO's on the fritz (it's finally had enough of my segments) and my camera's currently broken, so I haven't been able to post screenshots lately.  Which is clearly devastating for everyone.

Just took this 15 minutes ago w/ my MacBook's camera.

August 12, 2007


Leven and I around midnight tonight, doing a low-key Saturday eve at my apt.

My Day in Numbers
Beet & Carrot Juices Consumed: 2
Cupcakes Scarfed: 3
Errands Run: 14 million
Blocks Walked: 137 (approx)
Girl Friends Hung Out With: 3 (Rachel, Meghan, Leven)
Puppies Bathed: 1

Old Navy flip flops: $3.50
Diane von Furstenberg suit: $856.16
Eye exam, two new sets of hard contacts, overnighting it: $505.00
Knowing I'll have a heart attack when I get my amex bill next month: Priceless

Knowing that I'll then think "I should really return those Old Navy flip flops": Even More Priceless

August 11, 2007


Stayed in tonight (not in the mood to socialize).  I'm not in a bad mood, just a quiet, hibernating, slightly isolationist state.  I may emerge from it tomorrow.

Photo (taken two minutes ago) is sans makeup, and contacts - lost one today, down the sink.  Rrrr.  I had two of my favorite enormous chocolate chip cookies to compensate.  Yeah, it was one of those days ...

August 10, 2007


Just got back from Xanadu - the gayest musical EVER (and that's saying something) - with my girl friend Mary, and then drinks (I had water, of course) at the Soho House with two of my favorite people in the world, Rachel & Dave.  Ran into a gorgeous guy I'd been out with a few times, but who I hadn't heard from in three weeks.  Well, actually ... I didn't return his last email.  So I guess the ball was in my court?  The undercurrent of awkwardness was undeniable, and I was completely thrown off balance.  Almost walked all the way home, but on second thought (as I was wearing 6 inch heels) took the L, ran into another friend, and spent the ride chatting.  I love it when Manhattan starts to seem like a small town.

So a boy suggested that I post a photo of myself every night before bed, which seems on face like a sort of cool idea, although I'm notoriously unreliable, so I don't know about EVERY night.  But I'll try it for a bit and see how I like it.

Lilly's curled up underneath the bear ... they made up.

August 09, 2007


Just took this picture with photobooth on my MacBook.  The little fluffball nestled next to me is Lilly.  Eagerly anticipating a solid eight hours of sleep.  Goodnight.