September 28, 2007

Fashion Week Flashback: Tim Gunn

This was my favorite interview of Fashion Week ... ah, Tim Gunn, how I (and every other woman and gay man in America) love thee!

September 17, 2007

Fashion Week Recap: Cynthia Rowley's Show

in a Cynthia Rowley dress, of course!

My writeup of the show for Star magazine's online Fashion Week coverage:

Fashion Week veteran Cynthia Rowley loves to hold her shows in New York's majestic Gotham Hall, and her Spring 2008 collection was no exception.  Brightly colored pink and teal bicycles were lined up on either side of the entrance to the runway, setting a playful tone, while mini-picnic baskets held caramel & cheese popcorn and a Fiji water bottle for seated guests. Photographers swarmed over happy, healthy looking Sex and the City's Candace Bushnell — perhaps eager to see her Lipstick Jungle hit the airwaves this fall? Also spotted in the front row: the former model and MTV VJ Karen Duffy, absolutely gorgeous in a tan deep V neck mini-dress, Disney star Sabrina Bryan in a effervescent pink Rowley concoction, The Wire actress Callie Thorne, House actress Lisa Edelstein wearing a teal A-line Rowley frock from her Fall collection and All My Children's Leven Rambin, in a black Rowley motorcycle jacket.

The actual show featured a 70s inspired aesthetic. The models wore heavy eyeliner and bright lips — very Bianca Jagger — and their hair long, curled and teased — very sexy bedhead. The hemlines were long, the silhouettes sexy. A lot of camel, ivory and ice cream colors to offset the tailoring. Several dresses shown had dropped waists, while the pants were cropped or narrowed and gathered at the ankle. Rowley is known for her sense of humor, and the show ended on a fun, happy note, with all of the models riding the adorable 50s style bicycles off the runway, followed by the lovely (and grinning) designer herself at the very end. Overall, a gorgeous, creative collection!

September 16, 2007

Liveblogging the 2008 Emmys!

I'm watching the Emmys (in my official critical capacity as Star's Ed at Large) at my apartment with the adorable Leven Rambin, and we're liveblogging them right now on The Huffington Post.  Check it out here!

September 11, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Tuesday

Today's schedule is the most rigorous, but - thank god - it's the last day.

7:30 am - 10 am
Fox's The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet

Monique Lhuillier

Betsey Johnson

"Man on the Street" interviews at the Tents on first date fashions


Just Sweet (J. Lo's Line)

September 10, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Monday

Good Monday morning!  Here's the show schedule for today.

Carolina Herrera

Nanette Lepore (one of my favorite designers)

Marc Bouwer

September 09, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Sunday

Here's the (somewhat abbreviated) schedule for today.  Last night I couldn't sleep due to anxiety (not even really fashion show related - did I mention I have to move in three weeks?  Yeah, I do.  And I haven't found an apartment yet.), so at 3:57 am I got up, threw on some sweats, and walked over to the diner a block away to stress-eat a tuna melt with french fries and an enormous towering piece of lemon meringue pie.  I took a photo for proof, but it's really unflattering, so I'm going to leave it off the blog, unless I'm feeling really masochistic later.

Diane von Furstenberg

Unruly Heir

Nicholai by Nicky Hilton

September 08, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Saturday

Here's the schedule for today ... I don't remember the last time I was this overwhelmed (if it doesn't look overwhelming, keep in mind that, aside from reporting on the shows themselves on-camera and doing interviews with celebs, designers, stylists, and the subsequent write ups, I have to finish my Time Out column, make the usual tv appearances about entertainment news, oversee the video editing, etc etc).  Normal women, forced to go to multiple runway shows featuring gorgeous skeletons, would stop consuming calories.  Me?  I'm stress-eating like Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock - if I admitted what I've scarfed in the last week, you'd vomit.  Let's just leave it at: I asked Baskin Robbins if I could "start a tab" with them.  Oy.

Catherine Malandrino


Rebecca Taylor


September 07, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Friday

Running to Cynthia Rowley's show over at Gotham Hall right now!

Yesterday was wild -  after a long day at Montel Williams, I met Lev at The Daily's Bryant Park Hotel Fashion Week Suite, where we both ran into David Blaine, who asked us to have dinner with him at Koi downstairs.  He's certainly a character.  When he bent a quarter in my hand at the table, I have to say, I had one of those "holy shit" moments.  More to come ...


After dinner - Lev's ride home ...

September 06, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Thursday

Today I was supposed to go to Miss Sixty at 10 am, Bill Blass at 11 am, Cynthia Steffe at 1 pm, and Badgley Mischka at 2 pm, but I'm doing the Montel Williams show instead.  Will still be covering Fashion Rocks (the huge Conde Nast sponsored concert tonight at 8 pm) ... look for photos and video from yesterday's sartorial insanity coming this afternoon!

September 05, 2007

Julia's Fashion Week Schedule - Wednesday

In case you were curious as to the Fashion Week insanity that will dominate my next ten days, take a look at my schedule for today ...


Perry Ellis

11:40am – 12:50
FoxNews Lips & Ears taping

Charlotte Ronson

Nicole Miller


Calvin Klein Underwear Anniversary Party

September 04, 2007

Behind the Scenes at NY Fashion Week - Tuesday

Fashion Week really starts in earnest tomorrow, but I made it to Carlos Campos' show tonight, along with Leven and the fabulous Gregory Littlely.  Besides Lev, there were really no celebs in attendance (okay, there was some girl who won ANTM, but I didn't recognize her).  No matter, his collection was delicious - like sherbet.  The models weren't so bad, either.

If I were a guy, I'd definitely wear his stuff, although then again, if I were a guy, I'd be a flaming, flamboyant gay.  Also, FYI, that is an American Apparel skirt.  The real designer stuff doesn't come out till tomorrow!!

With my cameraman & video editor for the duration of the week, Eric.  Throughout the evening, everyone kept mistaking him for a model (he's exceptionally tall & thin, and has that sort of model-y look) - so much so, that I made him a bet.  If, by the end of Fashion Week, he hadn't yet been approached by an agent, I would give him a twenty - and set him up with one.  After hearing what the male models make per show, he readily agreed.

September 03, 2007

Behind the Scenes at NY Fashion Week - Spring 2008

Shot on August 30 at Time Out New York.
Nanette Lepore suit, Chanel bag, Nine West heels

Above is one of my Fashion Week outfits.  What, like you didn't think I had them all planned out?  Foo. I'm like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless when she looks in her closet and it's all computerized with polaroids and schedules of what she's worn when.  Except my closet isn't actually computerized.  YET.   Anyway, I'm just hoping everyone thinks these shoes are YSL and not Nine West.  I know, I know, wrong crowd to attempt trickery with ... But c'mon, who the hell can afford $650 shoes?!?!  Four words: NOT. EVEN. REMOTELY. ME.

From Sept 5 - 12, I'll be IN THE TRENCHES (wearing trenches?  hmm) covering Fashion Week for Star Magazine.  We'll be posting my SUPER EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES commentary & videos on - although I'll put up links here.  PLEASE, people, don't rush to ask me about the latest trends all at once now.  I'm a Style Guru, obviously, but I'm only human (thus the Nine West shoes).  I'll take your questions one by one.

PS - In case you want to keep up on Fashion Week with multiple sources (aside from my own rigorously detailed commentary, of course), I recommend reading The Fug Girls at New York magazine, who are beyond brilliant - they make me cry with their sartorial wit.  It's really sad, actually.  For me.  Also, check out Fashionista, which is a bit Insider-Baseball, but that can be a welcome change from the sweeping generalizations ("Black is in!  Coats are in!!  We like Marc Jacobs!") in many women's magazines.  Not sure about their love for TeenVogue, but hey, no blog's perfect.  Finally, Jezebel will probably have some commentary, too, and it will no doubt be written with that slightly twisted but excessively real approach for which I unconditionally love them.