February 04, 2008

Still my favorite lip dub

Filmed in the Dominican Republic last November. No pink iPods were harmed in the making of this lip dub.

February 03, 2008

Best of the Lip Dubs: Journey

I filmed this on a lark in January, walking home from seeing the musical RENT (for the fifth time) on 41st Street, down 8th avenue ... it was raining and FREEZING, but I was so happy.

Best of the Lip Dubs: Joy to the World

I was walking across one of the gorgeous bridges in Chicago in the summer of 2007 and it seemed like a great place to do a lip dub. My dad used to play Joy to the World to me when I was little, so I thought it appropriate. I have to say, filming yourself fake-singing in public is an exercise in extreme self-confidence ... I've never, in my life, gotten that many weird looks. And that's saying something. (fun fact! In the background is the brand new Trump building ...)

Best of the Lip Dubs: Tomorrow

My mom shot this video on the shore of Lake Michigan, but unfortunately it's not perfectly sync'd.  Oh well.  Still a classic, if only for the part where Lilly takes off running when I sing at her ;)

The Lip Dub that Started It All: Glamorous

October 17, 2007

My New Apartment.

I finally passed the 7 person board to get my brand-new apartment today. Except the funny thing is, it seems to have SHRUNK in the time since I applied four weeks ago. Sigh. I'm totally overwhelmed, of course, and completely freaked out that I made the wrong decision. It's so expensive and it's in Hell's Kitchen, which is ... um ... really far away from ... everyone. Not to mention that I HAVE NO FURNITURE and I have to be out of my current place by Sunday.

Kill me now.

October 15, 2007

No one's parents should be this cute.

Here they are, dancing at Andrea's wedding.  They're adorable.  It's almost ... wrong!

Honestly, I must have done something VERY, VERY right in my last life to deserve the parents I have. They're not perfect, but they're just about as good as it gets.

Not to mention the fact that they've provided me with an unbelievable role model of an equitable and loving relationship. They have such an incredible amount of love, and perhaps even more importantly, RESPECT for one another, it boggles my mind.

They really are extraordinarily happy - and you can tell. I'm so glad I could capture this on video. I will play it at their 50th wedding anniversary (T-21 years).

September 27, 2007

CNN's Showbiz Tonight - George Clooney

August 13, 2007

Lev Dubbing

In lieu of a goodnight photo, I'm posting the extraordinary lip dubbing video I shot of Leven last night ... I'm calling it LEV DUBBING!

Lev Dub: Summer Love from Julia Allison and Vimeo.

August 09, 2007

When Puppies Attack

Today Lilly got even with one of my bedroom's "Singlefiers," my teddy bear.

Lilly the Puppy Fights Teddy the Bear from Julia Allison and Vimeo.

August 07, 2007

What I Do For Fun on Weekends

So, I was walking down the beach in Chicago last Saturday, I had my iPod on shuffle, and Annie's "Tomorrow" came on. I listen to the cheesiest music, and I'm not afraid to say it. (um, Kermit's Rainbow Connection, anyone?)  Anyway, I decided it was the perfect location for a lip dub, so the next day I had my mom shoot it. My favorite part is when I walk over, singing towards Lilly, and she runs away. Classic.

If you're in New York right now, this video seems decidedly appropriate, given the weather.

Lip Dub: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Julia Allison and Vimeo.

August 06, 2007

Malibu Not at All Barbie

My laptop is pink (see below).  My iPod is pink.  My Treo is red, but I would've gotten pink if that were an option.  I'm working on getting a pink camera.

Most people think it's ridiculous, but I just really like the color.  It makes me happy.  I wonder if they would make the same comments if I liked everything to be ... say ... brown?  Or green?  What is it, exactly, that bothers people so much about pink?  Hmm.

Malibu Not at All Barbie from Julia Allison and Vimeo.